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What clients say about our Family Law Services at Byers & Goulding, PLC

When you hire an attorney, it is in your best interest to know what past clients have to say.Because my law firm has represented hundreds of families throughout southeast Michigan during a very challenging time in their lives, past clients share many kind words of thanks.

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“Mr. Goulding handled my case very well. We had a lot of problems and all were handled well. I would recommend his service to anyone who would like to get their case handled in a professional matter.” – Southgate, MI

“Mr. Goulding helped me through the most difficult stage of my life. He was able to steer me through the process as my mind was not in very good condition. He fought for me and protected my best interests. I would recommend Cameron to anyone who is going through a divorce.” – Lake Orion, MI

“I am very satisfied with the legal service I received. Cameron was easy to talk to and provided great legal advice and answers.” – Rochester Hills, MI

“Byers & Goulding are very professional and personable when dealing with their clients, and had my best interests in mind concerning my overall well-being (mentally, emotionally) and financially. They really care about their clients.” – Bloomfield, MI

“I received excellent representation without the added costs of dragging out the process as many attorneys do. Mr. Goulding was direct, competent and to the point. He also expressed compassion and understanding regarding my situation” – Lake Orion, MI

“Cameron Goulding is a professional but he also knows how to relate to his clients. He takes care of business and kept me informed on matters as well as what my options were. I think Cameron has a good feel for his clients and chooses with a certain degree of discretion.” – Auburn Hills, MI

“Byers & Goulding, PLC operates a fair, honest and efficient practice. Their practice evidences their professionalism and expertise in family law. My experience with Byers & Goulding, PLC resulted in the successful completion of a prenuptial agreement. I would recommend their services to anyone considering or preparing for marriage.” – Rochester Hills, MI

“Cameron Goulding understands the emotional toll divorce can take on his clients. He is understanding and compassionate, yet works hard for his client without adding unnecessary costs that only further the hardships sustained.” – Waterford, MI

“Mr. Goulding took care of everything and kept me informed of it all. Mr. Goulding handled my case very well. I would certainly refer your company to everyone I know.” – Bloomfield, MI

“Cameron was on top of everything and kept me informed throughout the entire time. He directed me through the process beyond what I even knew to ask for and delivered way more than expected.” – Royal Oak, MI

“Mr. Goulding displayed professionalism, respect and a vast knowledge of laws and procedures when overseeing my divorce.” – South Lyon, MI

“I have had Cameron as my attorney for my custody and child support cases for many years. He is polite and timely when at Court. Cameron explains every detail in a way that anyone can understand. He has been my “Ace in the Hole” when it comes to family court matters. I would not need to look anywhere else for a family matter attorney!” – Plymouth, MI

Since the divorce…”My attitude has improved and I have another life ahead of me now. Thank you so much for your compassion for our situation and willingness to work with us on our somewhat unconventional proceeding. I would be happy to provide a recommendation to any client should you like me to write one.” – Rochester Hills, MI

“Thank you for making this divorce process go as smoothly as it did.  It’s not what any of us hope for when we get married – but if you can still remain friends after a divorce, it certainly makes life easier for everyone – especially the kids.” – Rochester Hills, MI

“Cameron met with me and came up with strategies, compiled evidence and data, and then prepared counter arguments to everything her lawyer could possibly argue.  He even had a plan B, C, and D to fall back on.  Cameron really cared about my case, and took the time preparing necessary evidence while explaining everything to me.  I just really cannot say enough about him.  He is professional, respectful, genuine and knowledgeable about family law.  He will do everything he can to be reasonable and get you through your divorce as amicably as possible.  However, if the other side wants to play hardball he will fight for you to the end.  I could not have asked for a better lawyer.”  Clarkston, Oakland County, Michigan

“Thanks for your professionalism and time on my divorce. You, and I can’t forget Cathy, were both a pleasure to work with. And, I will gladly and enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone who needs assistance with family law.” Birmingham, Oakland County, Michigan

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