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Personal Protection Orders in Oakland County

In divorce situations, stress runs high and emotions can turn destructive. An otherwise rational person may reach his or her breaking point and act in ways that harm, or threaten to harm you. You may be involved in an abusive relationship, and need some form of legal protection from domestic violence for you or your children.

A Michigan Personal Protection Order (PPO) can be a helpful aid to those who are abused. A Personal Protection Order is a court order, serving much like a restraining order.

If you have good reason to fear for your safety or your children's safety, please contact me. I am here to help you understand your options, counsel you about the ramifications Personal Protection Orders have on both you and the respondent, and advise you on issues concerning Michigan domestic violence laws.

You do not need a lawyer to file a request for a Michigan Personal Protection order. The following information is presented to help you right now should you need to take action against the threat or the reality of domestic violence.

If you believe you are in immediate danger, call your local law enforcement agency (dial 911)

Be prepared to provide the police officer an account of the abuser's actions, and why you are afraid. If you or your children are being threatened, do not hesitate to take this action.

Filing for Michigan Personal Protection Orders

If you feel threatened or intimidated by your spouse, or are in an abusive relationship, you may file an action for a Personal Protection Order (PPO) through the courts. 

The court will notify the other person (the respondent) that you have filed for a PPO and will hold a hearing in which the order will either be granted or denied.

Emergency (Ex Parte) Michigan Personal Protection Order

If you are in a crisis, Michigan domestic violence laws allow you to get a Personal Protection Order on your own on an emergency basis. This is called an ex parte order and is secured from the court. When you file for an ex parte protection order, you do not have to provide notice to the other person first.

If the ex parte order is granted by the court, it is done so without a hearing and the other person has a limited number of days to object and demand a hearing. If the ex parte protection order is not granted, the court will set a hearing to determine whether the order is necessary.

Most personal protection orders in Michigan are issued ex parte.

Where To Go To File a Personal Protection Order in Southeast Michigan:

Oakland County

Personal Protection Order Office

Oakland County Courthouse 

1200 North Telegraph Road

Pontiac, Michigan  48341

Phone: (248) 975-9511 or (248) 858-0117

Wayne County

Wayne County City-County building

Office of the Wayne County Clerk

2 Woodward Avenue

Detroit, Michigan 48226

Phone:(313) 224-6262

Macomb County

Macomb County Clerk's Office

40 North Main

Mount Clemens, Michigan 48043

Phone:(586) 469-5205


LivingstonCounty Circuit Court Clerk 

Judicial Building, Suite 4

204 S. Highlander Way

Howell, Michigan 48843

Phone:(517) 546-9816

Genesee County

Genesee County Clerk's Office

900 S. Saginaw St.

Flint, Michigan. 48502

Phone:(810) 257-3610

Lapeer County

Lapeer County Courthouse

Circuit Court Clerk's office

255 Clay Street

Lapeer, Michigan 48446

Phone:(810) 667-0358

What Will a Michigan Personal Protection Order Do?

Personal protection actions can require the person you want restrained to stop threatening you or causing physical or mental harm to you and your children or anyone who lives with you. 

A Personal Protection Order can also tell someone to stay away from your home or workplace, move out, stop calling, restrain them from removing a minor child, limit their parenting time, give up a firearm, release or return certain property, or pay some or all of your attorney fees.

A Personal Protection Order is enforceable throughout Michigan once it is signed by the judge. When the PPO is served, it is enforceable in any state in the U.S. You can ask any police officer or other law enforcement officer to make the respondent do what the court order says.

If domestic violence has occurred because of the breakdown in your marriage, it may be wise to coordinate the filing of a Personal Protection Order along with the filing of your divorce.

Contact me about Michigan Personal Protection Orders. I will answer your questions with straight talk and help you find proper solutions for this and other serious divorce issues.

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