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Undergoing a divorce can be a stressful and confusing time. Most people are not prepared to handle the emotional, financial, and legal aspects of ending their marriage.

Without an attorney who is accessible to you, who will fight hard to protect your rights, and who has a complete understanding of Michigan divorce laws, divorce can cause emotional and financial damage that is hard to repair.

There is No Substitute for Experienced Representation

Are you facing a divorce or child custody dispute? Are you looking to establish your parental rights? Please contact me, Michigan divorce attorney Cameron Goulding, to see how I can help you resolve these matters. Call my office at 248.608.4123. You will be well served by experienced counsel about all issues and legal options in divorce.

In Any Michigan Divorce, Attorney Guidance Should Resolve Issues

Divorce is never easy. Your divorce will probably involve a wide range of issues that must be resolved. No “fault” is required as grounds for divorce in Michigan, meaning we live in a no-fault divorce state. A divorce may be granted simply because one or both of the parties want one.

In some divorce cases, the parties may share a desire to settle matters with as little conflict as possible. Michigan law refers to this as an uncontested divorce, where both parties work together for the common goal of entering the final judgment of divorce.

Other situations – where the parties cannot or will not agree on issues – are referred to as a contested divorce. Hotly contested issues usually include property division, spousal support, child custody and child support. Contested divorce and child custody disputes can tear at the fabric of a family. No one wants to see a divorce tear a family to shreds, or inflict enormous costs of litigation.

Since 1996, I have established a reputation for excellence by helping couples resolve their conflicts even in the most highly contested divorce cases.

Offering You the Alternative of Mediation

When complex issues arise in divorce, there are many ways to deal with them. Will you battle it out through bitter and costly litigation, or can you set aside your personal feelings long enough to negotiate?

Alternative dispute resolution can be a very effective means of settling divorce. In fact, divorce mediation is highly encouraged by our legal system. I am a Michigan divorce attorney who is dedicated to the mediation process whenever possible. I find the courts to be very flexible if the parties are able to “get along” in order to move on with their lives, and I can help you through this process.

Focused on a Fair Resolution – But Prepared to Litigate

Unfortunately, mediation does not work for everyone. Many divorce proceedings will remain contested. There are certain times when it is not in your or your child's best interest to continue negotiations.

That is why, with every case I represent, I thoroughly prepare the case for aggressive litigation, should that become necessary.

In divorce, we must deal with many serious issues, including

The importance of having a well-written judgment of divorce cannot be underestimated. It must include and address all foreseeable and future concerns. It is essential that an experienced Michigan divorce attorney draft this document in a thorough and meticulous manner, because many times the decision will ultimately come down to the wording on the document.

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There is a solution to fit to every situation. Whether your divorce is an agreeable transition or a battle, I will handle your legal proceedings with accuracy, discretion and compassion.

If you reside in Oakland, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Troy or Birmingham, please arrange to consult with a Michigan divorce attorney who will give you unparalleled representation.

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