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The choices you make when going through a divorce will affect you and your children for years to come. Please make sure you fully explore all of your options. I am Michigan family law attorney Cameron Goulding, and from my law office in Oakland County, I help clients across southeast Michigan including Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Troy and Birmingham with important legal family matters.

Whether you are filing for divorce, seeking a prenuptial agreement, or involved in a child custody battle, I will make sure you have the information and representation you need to achieve what is best for you and your family.

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Legal Separation

You may want to consider entering a separation agreement; or, you may consider an action for separate maintenance, which is much like filing for divorce yet you remain married. I will help you to understand each process and take the action that is best for you, making sure that your goals are met and your rights are protected.

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Undergoing the end of a marriage is a stressful and confusing time. As a Michigan divorce attorney, I am here to help you understand all of your legal options, resolve your disputes and protect your rights quickly, professionally and with compassion. When settlement is not possible, as an experienced trial attorney I will effectively litigate your case.

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I work closely with clients who wish to resolve their divorce disputes through family law mediation rather than going through the adversarial process of divorce litigation. Through mediation, Michigan couples facing divorce find much more peace, and have much more control over the outcome by working to shape solutions that work for them.

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If you are dissatisfied with your judgment of divorce, the only remedy is to appeal the judge. If you believe that your judgment of divorce needs to be reconsidered, I can advise you as to whether your case merits an appeal, and provide experienced representation in the matter.

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Property and Debt Division

Property and debt division can be a contentious issue in many divorces. It can also be a complicated effort in accounting. As an experienced Michigan family law attorney, I have helped hundreds of divorcing couples divide their assets fairly and equitably. I have the knowledge of property valuation, accounting and tax issues to assist you in all matters regarding marital property settlements.

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Alimony laws in Michigan exist to provide financial assistance to a spouse in order to preserve his or her accustomed standard of living, as it existed during the marriage. As a Michigan family law attorney, I will help you understand how alimony laws and court decisions set the criteria for determining whether alimony is applicable to your case.

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Spousal Support

If you have concerns about whether you may be required to pay spousal support, or receive it, contact me to arrange an initial consultation. As a critical part of my practice, I assist clients with Michigan spousal support decisions, issues and modification orders.

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Child Custody

In a divorce involving minor children, you face difficult decisions regarding their future. The primary concern with child custody judgments is the stability of the child's environment and avoidance of baseless and disruptive custody changes. I have assisted countless parents in these all-important matters.

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Child Support

I work closely with families every day in the matter of child support. I use the statewide formula with dedicated computer software to estimate the support levels for each couple's unique case. The Michigan formula is occasionally updated, and we are able to help our clients significantly, as we stay current with Michigan legislation.

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Making child visitation arrangements work for the parents while focusing on the needs of the children is always a challenge, and one I have extensive experience handling as a family law attorney. Please note, as of December 2010, parents are able to change their Michigan visitation schedule under a more relaxed burden of proof. Normal life changes may now be considered when deciding modifications to parenting time.

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Modification Orders

As your family situation changes after divorce, your divorce arrangements should be able to change with it. If you are seeking a modification to your current custody plan, I will advise you if there have been sufficient changes in circumstances and sufficient cause to warrant a motion to modify custody, and how to proceed legally.

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Whether you are considering moving or trying to keep your former spouse from moving away with your child, I can help you. I will take the time to explain these and many more important legal issues concerning child custody and relocation.

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Prenuptial Agreements

By drafting a prenuptial agreement, you can protect your specific wishes while planning for your marriage. An important part of my role as a Michigan family law attorney is to help you and your future partner in marriage draft an agreement that is fair and enforceable in court in the event of divorce or the death of a spouse.

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Postnuptial Agreements

Post nuptial agreements provide a positive, responsible way for you and your spouse to communicate your wishes about your wealth, assets, and inheritance. It provides fair and realistic control of each of your own interests.

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Grandparents Rights

Grandparent's rights are observed and supported by Michigan law. Enacted in January 2005, Michigan legislation allows grandparents the option to seek court-ordered grandparenting time with their grandchildren. The conditions allowing visitation for grandparents are restrictive. I have helped many families throughout Southeast Michigan with the issue of visitation and other legal rights for grandparents.

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Personal Protection Orders

As a victim of domestic abuse, or the threat of it, you have a right under Michigan law to be protected. I will advise you of your options, counsel you about the ramifications Personal Protection Orders have on both you and the respondent, and advise you on issues concerning Michigan domestic violence laws.

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Step Parent Adoption

If you are thinking about creating a legal relationship as the parent of your stepchild, a lawyer knowledgeable in Michigan adoption laws and case history can provide significant help in handling the adoption process properly. I have helped many stepparents work through the adoption process throughout Southeastern Michigan.

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