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Tips to Avoid 4 Costly Divorce Mistakes

Posted by Cameron Goulding | Apr 07, 2019 | 0 Comments

What is divorce mediation?

If you're considering getting divorced in North Oakland, Michigan, or anywhere else, there are several mistakes you could make prior to or during the divorce process that could really cost you.

One is not considering whether divorce mediation is a viable option for dissolving your marriage. Other than in cases of domestic violence, mental illness, or substance abuse, divorce mediation and arbitration under the supervision of a skilled divorce attorney, could save couples interested in amicably divorcing substantial money in legal fees. A mediator—who is a neutral third-party-- works the details out with both spouses and then the spouse's supervising attorney confirms the settlement language accurately reflects the client's wishes and prepares and files divorce settlement documents with the court.

Other common mistakes include posting things on social media that can be used against you in your divorce – – such as a parent claiming in court that they can't afford a proposed settlement and then getting caught lying by a social media post about a big vacation or a job promotion.

Another mistake is when one spouse lets the other handle all of the important paperwork while they remain in the dark about the couple's assets and debts. It's best to stay involved at least to the extent of knowing such information as the account numbers and balances of all financial accounts, your spouse's Social Security earnings record and statements, and the prices paid and receipts documenting the purchase of major assets and home improvements. Should you eventually divorce, you will need this information and your soon-to-be ex-spouse may be less cooperative about sharing it at that time.

Divorcing spouses should also not leave joint credit accounts open even if one spouse agrees in the divorce settlement that they will be the responsible party. “Creditors aren't bound by the divorce agreement”, so joint accounts should be closed and new separate ones opened in each partner's name individually to avoid this problem.

With the guidance of skilled divorce attorney-- through mediation, negotiation, or litigation-- couples can navigate the divorce process with support and look forward to a brighter future.

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