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You Are the Most Important Witness in Your Divorce Case.

Posted by Cameron Goulding | May 05, 2019 | 0 Comments

In all divorce cases, the court will schedule a deadline for the parties (the people getting divorced) to submit witness lists to the court.  Clients always ask who they should list as witnesses for the case or whom does the judge want to hear from about the case.  In virtually every case, the two most important witnesses that the judge will want to hear from is the two people actually getting divorced.  Your attorney will be able to provide expert witnesses to testify regarding finances, business valuation, real estate appraisals and even which school would be better for the children to attend, but in the end, the court's decision will come down to the testimony of the two parties and the arguments of their attorneys.  

​Working With Oakland County Michigan Divorce Lawyers Can Help Develop Your Case.

​When you work with a good family law attorney, the attorney will help you prepare the evidence for your case.  This should start at the very begining of the case and will often continue through to the settlement of the case or trial.  After you retain your attorney, the attorney will request that you start compiling certain documentation relating to finances, health, children and other information.  If there is information or documentation that you do not have, your attorney will get that information for you, either from the other side or directly from the business or institution that is holding the records.  While most divorce cases in Michigan do not go to trial, you are still one of the two most important sources of information.  You and your spouse know your lives and family better than anyone else and your input is crucial at all stages of the process.  That makes it important to have good communication and trust with your attorney.

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