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Impact of Parental Divorce on Children’s Future Marriages - Cameron C.

Posted by Cameron Goulding | Aug 05, 2019 | 0 Comments

Q: Do children of divorce get divorced more often than children of intact marriages?

Couples considering getting divorced in North Oakland, Michigan or elsewhere understand that the divorce will be difficult on their minor children and likely expect initial transition difficulties. The disruption in their kids' normal routine and going from one household to two – especially if it impacts their current school and social activities— could have a significant long-term negative impact. But how parents handle co-parenting after divorce is important not only in the short term, but in the long term as well. 

Studies indicate that children of divorce are at a higher risk of getting divorced themselves one day – – that is, if they even choose to marry at all. In fact, not only are the odds higher that the children of divorce will get divorced more often than children from intact families, but the odds of getting divorced are even worse when both spouses come from divorced homes rather than when just one of them does. 

A plausible explanation for these findings lies in lessons about commitment. Generally, children whose parents stayed married witnessed their parents fight and resolve their conflicts and stay in their marriage, providing a good role model for compromise, commitment and conflict resolution. Alternatively, many children of divorce witnessed their parents fighting but ultimately leaving the marriage, so they may be more likely to bail on their own marriage when the going gets tough. Another possible explanation could simply be that the stigma surrounding divorce has lessened over the past few decades.

But they don't have to be doomed to repeat their parents' relationship history. Some have learned from their parents' mistakes and are committed not to repeat them. 

When divorced parents co-parent effectively, they can avoid some of the problems that are associated with absentee fathers. For example, studies indicate that boys raised by single mothers without a father in the picture may be more likely to drop out of school or get in trouble with the law. Girls raised without fathers involved in their lives often have self-esteem issues and may seek the approval of and a relationship with the first boy who gives them attention. Both situations can unfortunately negatively impact the success of these children's relationships or eventual marriages. 

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