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Will A Court in Michigan Order Parenting Time (Visitation) at the Discretion of One Parent?

Posted by Cameron Goulding | Jan 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

Custody and parenting time in Michigan, which is sometimes referred to as child visitation in other states, is often the most difficult aspect of any divorce case.  These issues can be even more complicated where the prospective parents were not married and may have had only a casual dating relationship before the pregnancy.  In such situations, given the stressful nature of pregnancy, often Oakland County Michigan divorce attorneys will hear from clients who have separated even before the child is born.

In those cases, there are often questions about how to handle custody and parenting time for the newborn infant as well as many other questions that require solutions such as medical expenses, child support, child care for working parents, medical decisions for the child and many others.  In most cases, if the parties cannot agree and no-one has filed anything with the court, then the mother will control these decisions.

What should I do if I am not being allowed to see the child?

If you believe that there will be issues either before or after the child is born, it is best to meet with a family law attorney as soon as possible.  The attorney can help you understand how to proceed and how to obtain the ability to have parenting time with the child, be involved with the decision making for the child and pursue joint or even primary physical custody where needed.  The court will look at both parents as having equal rights to be involved with, form strong bonds with and parent the child or children.  It will not allow one parent to simply dictate when or how often the other parent gets to see the child.  The court will also not allow one of the parents to make unilateral decisions for the child. 

Alternatively, if you need help supporting the child and the other parent is not helping with support, the court will order child support and assistance with child care expenses.  The court can order the other parent to provide insurance for the child through his or her work related insurance.  Finally, if you are concerned that the other parent will not be able to handle the parenting time or endanger the child, it is imperative to contact an attorney to insure that the court will place the proper restrictions or guidelines in place to protect the child's best interests.  The court will not order the other parent to have parenting time with the child if the other parent does not want that parenting time.

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