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Divorce, Custody, Parenting TIme and Support Mediation Using Zoom or Facetime in Michigan

Posted by Cameron Goulding | Apr 04, 2020 | 0 Comments

The Corona Virus has caused the courts to basically shut down for all purposes except to handle matters that involve essential functions or that are required to sustain or carry-on life.  This means that many people in Michigan who would like to file for divorce or who have already divorced but have parenting time or other post-divorce issues have been left in limbo.

Is There Anything That I Can Do Now Regarding my Divorce, Support or Custody Issues?

A group of family law attorneys in Oakland County, Michigan have been discussing how to help the public with theses issues during the Covid 19 outbreak.  One solution that I am able to offer to the public is my mediation services.  I can do this by utilizing Zoom or Facetime to conduct the mediation.

I am offering this directly to the public as well as divorce attorneys.  This means that attorneys may contact me to schedule a mediation regardless of where the case may be (what county) in Michigan if that service is not being offered locally..  It also means that if two people of the public have divorce related issues that they would like to attempt to resolve now, I can conduct a mediation with them directly.

I can use my many years of family law experience to come up with potential solutions that you an implement immediately.  I have also contacted a number of psychologists who specialize in helping families through these types of transitions that I have worked with in the past and they has responded positively to being involved remotely, if necessary to handle particularly difficult issues relating to the children. 

If an agreement is reached, then we can have the appropriate paperwork prepared to make the agreement binding.  Then it is only a matter of filing the agreement as an order with the court via Fed Ex or another courier.  The court is still able to process such orders and in most instances, there will only be a mildly longer delay than usual in getting them signed and entered into the record.

Contact Our Michigan Divorce Mediator to Schedule a Remote Mediation

My office is open to schedule Zoom and Facetime mediations.  I too am a divorced parent, so I'm getting accustomed to using Zoom with my kids for school and other forms of communicating in the day of social distancing.  While the court is essentially in lock down, there are people here to help you get through this.  If you have questions regarding any child support, custody or parenting time in Michigan, contact our Michigan Mediation Team. We are here to help you in these extremely difficult times.

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