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Ultimate Guide To A Successful Divorce In Michigan - Cameron C. Gouldi

Posted by Cameron Goulding | Jul 20, 2020 | 0 Comments

Michigan residents seeking a divorce should retain a skilled Michigan divorce attorney to represent them. While there are do-it-yourself options, the complexities of divorce invariably raise questions that generally demand legal expertise.

Additionally, having a divorce lawyer on your side means having someone who will advocate for your rights and the protection of your future and your family, providing tremendous reassurance as you navigate this difficult time.

Experienced Michigan divorce lawyers will tell you that a successful divorce in Michigan isn't just about winning a legal argument; it's about helping you prepare for a new life with health, financial resources, and confidence to move forward.

A Holistic Approach to Successful Divorce: The Ultimate Guide

Divorce is not a sprint; it's a marathon, exacting a heavy toll on all parties involved. The emotional, physical and financial stress of divorce can feel crippling during the process and in the following years.

It is crucial that individuals facing divorce take a proactive approach to safeguard their well-being and engage experienced legal counsel. Highly qualified divorce lawyers draw on years of experience to provide positive support for clients and their families.

Prioritize Self-Care

You will need all of your emotional and physical strength to endure challenges ahead and adapt to your life changes. Prioritizing exercise and healthy eating will aid in stress reduction, mental focus, and peace of mind.

Establish a Network of Support

The overwhelming uncertainties of divorce can increase fears about the potential outcome and what your future will hold. A strong network of support will see you through your doubts and affirm that better days are ahead:

  • Spiritual guidance from your church pastor and congregation
  • Family therapists for advice on adapting to redefined relationships
  • CPA's and financial planners to guide you in making sound financial decisions
  • Divorce attorneys to navigate legalities and negotiate a fair divorce settlement agreement
  • Estate Planning attorneys to assist you in protecting your assets and the rights of your estate

Hire a Divorce Attorney You Can Trust

As you navigate divorce, you will need to have full confidence in your divorce lawyer to fight for your best interests.

Every Michigan divorce shares some common characteristics, but all are unique. When interviewing potential attorneys to take your case, there are several factors to consider:

  • Referrals and testimonials from prior clients
  • Years and volume of experience in Michigan family law
  • Specialized practice areas including mediation and litigation, high net worth divorce, highly-contested cases, child custody matters, domestic violence issues, government pensions

After hiring an attorney to represent you, focus on maintaining open and direct communication at all times and regarding all issues. Even the best attorney will be caught off-guard by an ambush of new information presented by opposing counsel.

Expect a Lengthy and Expensive Divorce Process

Divorce takes a long time. Divorce is expensive. Once you have reconciled those two facts, you will better manage the frustrations associated with protracted legal battles and rising costs. You will also be better prepared to choose your battles.

Be Prepared to Let Go

Clients who focus on ending the marriage for the promise of a better tomorrow understand that arguing over certain items “just to win” doesn't make good long-term sense.

Is the $50 ashtray near and dear to your spouse really worth your attorney's hourly rate 5x over? Probably not.

What will you do with the necklace your spouse wears every day if you fight to take it back? Probably nothing.

Choose your battles wisely, and be prepared to let go.

Partner with A Michigan Divorce Attorney For a Brighter Future

Family law attorneys understand that divorce is a life-changing experience for all involved. Even peaceful, amicable divorces take time and resources to resolve.

Our legal team will approach your unique situation with compassion and understanding while strategizing to represent your interests and reach a fair settlement agreement between parties.

In highly contested cases, you can rest confidently in our trial experience and skilled litigation services. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with a leading Michigan divorce attorney. We provide an honest assessment of your case and support you with the resources needed to successfully divorce in Michigan.

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